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Talk by Tommi Pirinen at Dublin City University

Project researcher Tommi Pirinen is giving a talk at Dublin City University as part of the NCLT seminar series.

Weighted finite-state methods as a bridge between strictly rule-based and mostly statistical nlp systems

As some of you may know, University of Helsinki is mostly known from its strictly rule-based approach to computational linguistics, with main contributions like TWOL system by Prof. Koskenniemi in 1983 and CG system by Prof. Karlsson 1995. In my doctoral dissertation I experimented with some basic approaches of combining statistical information to weighted finite-state models (cf. Openfst <> and Mohri’s academic papers) of language, esp. for morphologically complex languages with limited resources (e.g. Greenlandic).

The presentation will consist of some slides from my FSMNLP 2012 tutorial <> and parts of my lectio praecursoria for my phd <>.

Time: 14.00, Thursday March 13th
Venue: L221 (School of Computing)