Monthly Archives: May 2015

Second Workshop on Data Creation for Apertium

The second Workshop on data creation has been completed!

This workshop, entitled “Workshop on the Apertium free/open-source machine translation platform: transferring structures from one language to another”, took place on 22nd May 2015 at the University of Zagreb (Croatia) and aims at encouraging people to contribute to the Apertium platform for the creation of data (transfer rules) for South-Slavic languages.

Participants of the first workshop acquired an advanced knowledge of one of the most interesting modules inside Apertium: the transfer, where translation of structures from one language to another takes place.

These are the materials that were produced and used for the workshop:

– the workshop guide: for abumatran-apertium-workshop2-guide

– the workshop slides: for abumatran-apertium-workshop2-slides

All materials are distributed with free/open-source licenses. For a copy of the original files, just contact us.

If you use this materials, please, let us know. We will be glad to have some feedback from you.