Monthly Archives: September 2015

Abu-MaTran at WMT15 Machine Translation and Quality Estimation Shared Tasks

Project researchers Raphaël Rubino and Miquel Esplà-Gomis represented the Abu-MaTran consortium at the Tenth Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation (WMT 15), co-located with EMNLP. We participated in two shared tasks (Machine Translation and Quality Estimation), and in both cases our submissions ranked first: Machine Translation for English-to-Finnish and Quality Estimation at word-level, respectively.

Raphaël presented the systems submitted by the Abu-MaTran consortium to the Machine Translation shared task. We participated in the Finnish–English language pair, in which we tackled the lack of resources and complex morphology of the Finnish language by (i) crawling parallel (FiEnWaC) and monolingual (FiWaC) data from the Web and (ii) applying rule-based and unsupervised methods for morphological segmentation. Our submissions were the top performing English-to-Finnish unconstrained (according to all automatic metrics) and constrained (according to BLEU), and Finnish-to-English constrained (according to TER) systems.

Miquel presented the systems submitted to the Quality Estimation shared task. We participated in the word-level sub-task with a method that uses external sources of bilingual information as a black box to spot sub-segment correspondences between a source segment and the translation hypothesis produced by a machine translation system. We used two sources of bilingual information in our submissions: machine translation (Apertium and Google Translate) and the bilingual concordancer Reverso Context. Our system ranked first in the sub-task.


Abu-MaTran at RANLP 2015

This week the Abu-MaTran project has also been to the RANLP 2015 (Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing) conference in Hissar (Bulgaria).

Nikola Ljubešić and Filip Klubička from the University of Zagreb are attending the conference and presenting a paper jointly written with another Abu-MaTran researcher, Miquel Esplà-Gomis from Universitat d’Alacant, which describes a tool for predicting inflectional paradigms for unknown words to be added to a morphological lexicon (conference proceedings). Much of the work done for the purposes of this paper has been done during the authors’ respective academia-to-industry secondments at Prompsit Language Engineering in Elx (Spain).


Abu-MaTran at the Machine Translation Marathon 2015

The Abu-MaTran project is present this week at the tenth Machine Translation Marathon in Prague (Czech Republic).

Project researcher Jorge Ferrández Tordera from Prompsit Language Engineering presents a poster about CloudLM, a novel tool that allows to use cloud-based language models in statistical machine translation systems. This paper is co-authored by project researchers Sergio Ortiz-Rojas and Antonio Toral. Most of the work leading to the publication was carried out during Jorge’s industry-to-academia secondment at Dublin City University.