Workshop on Tools for Teaching Machine Translation

We are glad to share with you the materials of the Workshop on Tools for Teaching Machine Translation created within the Abu-MaTran project as one of the outreach activities planned.

This workshop took place in November 2016 at Dublin City University (Ireland) and aimed at presenting two web-based tools that make teaching machine translation easier: Bicrawler, a service that allows you to easily obtain bilingual data from multilingual websites, and MTradumàtica, a web interface with which you can train and test phrase-based statistical machine translation systems in a couple of clicks.

We are making available:

the workshop guide
the workshop slides 

All materials are distributed with free/open-source licenses. For a copy of the original files, just e-mail us as indicated in the PDF files.

If you use this materials, please, let us know. We will be glad to have some feedback from you.